How To: Stop being lazy

Stop being lazy

You can stop being lazy by using these tips to motivate yourself to find an interest in life.
You Will Need
* A journal
* An alarm clock
* Organizational skills
* Goals
* Exercise
* Friends
* Hypnotherapy (optional)
* New diet (optional)

Step 1: Make a list
Acknowledge the detrimental effects of your laziness. Make a list to motivate you of ways your life would improve if you were more active.

Step 2: Get organized
Get organized by establishing a strict schedule for yourself. Set your alarm.

Step 3: Break the habit
Break your addiction to procrastination by avoiding the couch and television – or whatever your go-to distraction is – so that you remain upright and conscious.

Consider hypnotherapy.

Step 4: Set goals
Set goals, replacing phrases like "should," "might," or "have to" with the word "will." You will psycho-linguistically program yourself to succeed, as research shows goal-oriented people do.

Change your diet to help build discipline.

Step 5: Exercise regularly
Exercise regularly. Endorphins change the chemical balance of the brain and generate a positive attitude. Low activity causes low energy.

Step 6: Ask friends for help
Lower stress and eliminate unwitting enablers by informing friends of your plans. Their support will keep you accountable.

Don't confuse laziness with an inability to deal with stress.

Step 7: Help others
Help someone else. Giving to others can get you engaged with the rest of humanity without obsessing about your problems.

Fact: Researchers in Massachusetts have identified the "lazy gene" in mice.

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