How To: Maximize your creative potential

Maximize your creative potential

This presentation entitled: Pollinate Chain Reaction was produced by Mike Goedecke and Kane Roberts at Belief Design. There are many tips contained within on how to maximize your creative potential. Great to help inspire anyone in a creative field.

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I promise you come out of this video shimmering with new ideas!

this is amazing

you got it figured out!

Thomas Edison was promoting his DC electricity, not the AC which Tesla actually invented

I think you missed the title card that brings direct reference to this intentional error.... re watch the piece again and look for the card after this section that talks about mis-information and the media.

Is this down completely?

You need quicktime, it might take a while to preload its not flash.

i feel so much better now. :)

its interesting to resset your mind sometimes and realise that there are differetn ways of working that can be so much usefull that the ones you're used to.
Thanks for the video!

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