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Forum Thread: How to Read Effectively

One of the important areas of school success is being able to read effectively. This reading strategy that uses your hand as a guide, can help you understand more of what you are reading and can help improve your grades. If follows a old reading strategy called P Q R S T , but you will use your hand as a prop in order to remember each part of the reading strategy.

Forum Thread: Have You Thought of How to Increase Your Productivity? If Yes, Then Here Is an Idea for Continuous Improvement.

Ever wondered why some people are able to get more things done than you. Have you thought of how to increase your productivity? If yes, then here is an idea for continuous improvement. There are secrets to how you can do this and in this video i share with you one of the best ways and methods to increase your productivity and get the results you desire.

Forum Thread: chAnge mY LifE

everyday I learn something new....I take my past experiences and habits, find the good in them, and apply them to my life now. Ive forgiven myself for my mistakes. And now mistakes are fewer and farther between!! ive accepted myself. ive dealt with my losses. now its time to move forward, taking baby steps to a better me!!!!

Forum Thread: 7 Signs You're Suffering from Writer's Block and Surprising Techniques to Counter It

What is writer's block? Everyone has a different definition of writer's block. Not two people have the same thoughts about this "affliction". A writer who have not written a single word in years may deny he's suffering from writer's block while another who find it difficult to finish the daily assignment would curse this "disease" to high heavens, seeking to glean sympathy from those who are willing to listen.

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