How To: Be less quiet and more talkative

Be less quiet and more talkative

Marie was asked by a viewer how to go about being more orally engaging with other people, as most attention he gets is attributed to the fact that he is very quiet, which doesn't sit well with him. Just like anyone else, he would like to get attention for the things he says, not for being quiet! He is under the impression that "cramming," or being knowledgeable on current events and other trivia will give him more to talk about and thus help him to be more talkative. Marie suggests, though, that the real key to being a good converationaist is not to have many things to talk about but to rather have ways to get others to truly open up about their favorite subject, themselves! She describes ways to break the ice and really get a good and fullfilling monologue going. From general strategies that one would use with anyone they meet to those one might use on someone they have had time to "research," the described methods are sure to help anyone be able to speak intelligently and act friendly.

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