How To: Use anchoring to gain instant self confidence

Use anchoring to gain instant self confidence

Tim Brownson talks about how to tap into self-confidence during this video. This technique is called anchoring. An anchor is an idea or event that links to another event that is usually not related in some way but provides some kind of reminder of an emotion. This can also be called a conditional response. Tim gives a lot of real examples of anchors and conditional responses. First start by calming down as much as possible. Then think of some activity that you are confident you can do, and think about all the details of that activity. Allow the feelings of confidence that those details generate to build. When it gets to the point that you feel you can't become much more confident, set the anchor. To set the anchor, choose a small action that you can do any time to associate with the feeling. He suggests tugging your ear, putting your thumb and forefinger together, etc. Hold the anchor (activity) for about 3 seconds. Then break your state of thought. Do the anchor action again and see how you feel. Allow the feelings the anchor has set to come. Practice this over and over until it works. Then you can use the anchor action whenever you need to increase your confidence. This technique can also be used to generate other emotions or feelings besides that of confidence.

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