Forum Thread: Research Based Study Tips

Use these 9 Study Tips to improve your performance in school.

Study Skill # 1 While reading assigned text instead of highlighting summarize sections in the margins of the book, or you can use a sticky note for the summaries.

Study Skill # 2 Have a goal for reading.

Study Skill # 3 Incorporate study triggers into your routine

Study Skill # 4 Check out ANKI

Study Skill # 5 If you don't want to write down summaries like I suggested in study skill # 1 then you can practice a simple recall of the key points from what you just read without looking at the book.

Study Skill # 6 For motivation dream about where your studies will take you

Study Skills # 7 If you want to improve your focus then you can try the following. Begin a timed study session with a pad of paper handy. Each time you become distracted write down the distraction.

Study Skills # 8 When studying for a Math test, jump around from one topic to another

Study Skill # 9 Convert your notes or reading sections into mind maps.

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