How To: Gain self confidence with Craig Worrell

Gain self confidence with Craig Worrell

Craig is sharing about how to gain self confidence. Maybe you are feeling not very confident or you don't have a lot of self confidence. Maybe you would like to do some bigger or bolder things in your business or personal life. You can only get confidence from surviving the attempt. The only true way to get the confidence is by surviving the attempt. You cannot get it from a book or tape You have to make the attempt. You have to go out and do things, try things that you are not comfortable with. Things are not comfortable at first but if you make an attempt and you look back on other side whether it is a pass or fail, you are going to feel more confident. The money that you spent on a material or to people talked about self confidence cannot impart self confidence in you. The only way to do it is to live the experience to yourself.

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