How To: Become more popular without turning mean

Become more popular without turning mean

There's no exact science to achieving high-school popularity. But you definitely don't have to throw half your class under the bus to get there.

You Will Need
* Desire to be popular
* Good attitude
* Confidence
* Gimmick
* Sense of humor

Step 1: Be likable
Popularity boils down to being liked by your peers. Be friendly, positive, and respectful to everyone. Don't act like you're too good for anybody – it's hard not to like a person who's fun and easy to be around.

Step 2: Be confident and visible
Confidence and visibility go hand in hand with popularity. Stand out, speak up, and burst out of your shell. Talk with or at least say hello to everyone within earshot and introduce yourself to anyone who doesn't already know you exist.

Step 3: Have diverse friends
Build a broad network of friends. Befriend people from all walks of high-school life by joining extracurricular activities.

Once every few days, during lunch, bounce around from table to table. You'll appear busy and important, and people will appreciate that you stopped by to chat.

Step 4: Get a gimmick
To be popular, you gotta get noticed – and nothing will garner attention like a well-crafted gimmick. Wear a funky hat, carry around a harmonica – anything that will attract interest.

Step 5: Have a sense of humor
Be funny! People always respond to humor. And don't be afraid to laugh at yourself now and then.

Step 6: Don't sell out
Never pick on unpopular kids or ditch old buddies. If you do manage to attain popularity, remember where you came from. Don't exclude people – you never know when the high school social ladder will flip-flop and knock you down a few pegs.

Fact: According to a study, kids who were popular with their peers in school earned more money as adults.

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do not ever carry around a harmonica

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