How To: Be confident and popular at school

Be confident and popular at school

Sick of living life on the sidelines? Ready to make more friends? This tutorial will give you a few key tips to help you achieve popularity.
Being popular begins by being happy with who you are. Follow these steps, and people will be begging to be a part of your "in" crowd.
You Will Need
• Smile
• Listening skills
• Empathy
• Positive attitude
• Enthusiasm (optional)

Step 1: Greet with a smile
Greet everyone you see with a warm smile. Chances are they will smile back.

Step 2: Initiate conversations
Initiate conversations. Ask people about events in their life.
Be enthusiastic when you talk to people to let them know you are excited to talk to them.

Step 3: Listen
Give people your undivided attention when they are talking to you.

Step 4: Respond with empathy
Respond to people with empathy. Be encouraging and supportive.
If someone is telling you a story about something that made them angry, get angry with them.

Step 5: Be positive
Be positive. Do not talk negatively about other people.

Step 6: Help others
Volunteer your time for others in need. It could be to help someone move, to paint a room, or to help raise money for a charity.

Step 7: Play a sport or hobby
Play a sport or begin a hobby of interest and have fun.

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